Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a registered business?

legal business in processing student visa application

Yes, Universal Study Network operates legally and registered under ASIC.

Are you a qualified education consultant?

Filipino education counsellor

Yes, qualified for consulting overseas individuals who intent to study in Australia and work at the same time.

Do you provide migration advice?

education agent following education and migration law

As an education consultant/student counsellor. We do not provide further migration advice.

Do you directly deal with Colleges/University?

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We generally offer courses and colleges we directly partners with. However, even we are not officially working with your intent college or university, as a qualified education consultant for overseas students. We can definitely apply overseas students to colleges/ university around Australia.

How long do you process admission?

Student visa application processing online

Usually our admission process for colleges will only take 24 hours however, due to security reason, we need to double check documents and requirements submitted by aspiring applicants. Furthermore, for some instances it will take 3 to 4 weeks maximum of processing time for a letter of offer, it depends with college and university's admission policy.

Is it really required to have IELTS, PTE, OET, Cambridge exam before I can get letter of offer?

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Colleges/Universities usually required an English proficiency exam. However, there are colleges only requires a direct English entrance exam for admission.

Furthermore, if English proficiency result is available, you can present your exam result stated above to your agent.

What is evidence of Financial capacity?

No show money application for student visa in Australia

As a student who intent to study in Australia.  You need to have enough funds that is genuinely available to access, to pay for your course fees, travel and living costs for you and your accompanying family members while you are in Australia. 

How much do I need to show for funds?

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Regular applications (R) require a student to present two extra pieces of evidence with their visa application: financial capacity and English language proficiency evidence.

Regular applications need to provide 12 months of your living & course costs. If you are accompanying family member you need to provide additional funds. 

Student or Guardian: AUD $19830

Partner or Spouse: AUD $6940

Child: AUD $2970

Additional amount to show for funds

Travel: AUD $2000 - applying outside Australia

Student applying inside Australia - AUD $1000

Each School Aged child - roughly AUD $8000 this amount varies according to states and education provider.

Do I need to apply for a Health Insurance?

OSHC/OVC - Student visa application

It is a mandatory that you have adequate health insurance while in Australia for your medical and hospital insurance. The health insurance specifically for international student is OSHC which is offered by different health insurance provider.

How much is the student visa cost?

Student visa cost for new student visa application Australia

As of 16 AUGUST 2019, The student visa cost is AUD $620.

What is SSVF and What is the current risk rating of The Philippines?

Risk rating of Philippines in applying student visa to Australia

SSVF provides the evidentiary requirements for each student application on the basis of the risk ratings of the student’s country of citizenship and the provider with which they will undertake their principal course of study. Streamlined and Regular visa application. Eligibility for streamlined significant requirements is determined on the combined immigration risk rating of the student’s country and citizenship and intended education provider. 

Currently, risk rating of The Philippines is TWO. Therefore, if student is applying to an education provider with the same rating. English proficiency and financial capacity is not required unlike, regular (R) applications. 

However, you need to have enough funds that is genuinely available to access, to pay for your course fees, travel and living costs for you and your accompanying family members while you are in Australia. 

Where I can find about student visa & further migration information?

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You can find more visa information for Australia at